Tuesday, January 12, 2021

More swaddle blues

This is the face of a bedtime baby who took a 7pm catnap.  OOPS. Look at those sparkly eyes. They definitely do not say I AM SO TIRED.
Total MOTY, I know, but this toy engages her so completely that I move it from room to room.

 SO you know how I was like oh no biggie-- I took off the bedtime swaddle and she's totally fine? She started WAKING UP like 15 minutes after I put her to bed. 

Here's how bedtime goes right now:

7:30: I take a shower

8:00: Minnie takes a bath, and one kid helps (they have a rotating schedule that they developed-- it's pretty cute)

8:15: Books, jammies, milk for Minnie

8:30: I sneak out of Minnie's room  and go straight to Dorothy's. While I am doing Minnie's routine, Ben is supervising Dorothy and Cooper's showers and reading them Harry Potter. Then Dorothy reads Junie B. Jones to me while Cooper hangs with Harry and Jack until 8:45, which makes him feel like a super big kid.

8:45: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE TIME WHEN I AM OFF DUTY and Ben and I sit on the couch staring at the glowing talking box until we stumble into bed.

Midnight-ish: Minnie wakes up and comes to bed with me where she sleeps happily until 8 am.

BUT the last few nights, as soon as I leave Dorothy's room Minnie is awake. Because I am 45 minutes into kiddie bedtime by then, I do not have it in me to sit in the rocker in her room any longer, so Ben and I just turn off most of the lights, and she nurses/dozes on the couch with me until we go to bed. I have been putting her in her crib, but she invariably wakes up right as I am drifting off, and the whole thing is kind of tiring.

Last night, I stayed in her room to see what the hell is happening, and it is totally the lack of swaddle. She wakes herself up almost right away and is all bright eyed and cooing (because she had a 15 minute nap in the rocker while she ate). She's probably awake the whole time I am reading with Dorothy and is just getting around to calling for me (she doesn't cry-- just sort of yells like a really loud bird) as I am leaving Dorothy's room. Last night, I swaddled her with a receiving blanket over her sleep sack and fed her the other side, and she went right to sleep and stayed asleep until after we went to bed. So, TL; DR: I guess she still needs to be swaddled?

Velcro sleep sack nap time swaddle:

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