Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Minnie is not impressed

 After a year of keeping the Instant Pot in the basement in its box because I am scared of it, we are USING IT and starting to love it. I am still working on timing because it takes forever to heat up and then to release steam, and sometimes the meal prep is a pain, but so far YES. 

We have made butter chicken, mac and cheese, and tomato soup and loved them all. Right now it is slow-cooking some chicken for tacos tonight.

Can I just tell you that my NYR to eat seven servings of fruits and veggies has changed the way I eat? Like, I must eat 2 fruits with breakfast, which crowds out other bullshit, and I aim for 3 at lunch, which means I do salads or veggies and hummus, not sandwiches. I usually have 2 at dinner, which, again, crowds out other bullshit. I still eat a TON and much of it is carbs, but, also now so many veggies.

I am having a hormone-related milk drop this week, so I made a batch of these perfect cookies, and I am covered up in milk again. Magic!

Also, read about our thousand hours outside challenge right here.

She is never impressed, and I love that about her.

See? NOT IMPRESSED with her librarian outfit. But I was.

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  1. This is our #1 favorite InstantPot recipe: https://tastesbetterfromscratch.com/instant-pot-chicken-taco-bowls/

    I usually sub chicken thighs for chicken breasts - either will work. Serve with lots of yummy toppings.