Monday, January 04, 2021

Bullets from the first day of school

Minnie and I are not breaking our streak of taking a walk every single day of her life. Clearly she's up for it.
MINNIE IS SO BIG, you guys.
Like, just recently.
Make-your-own pizzas used to be a dinner AND an activity. But lately, I am the only one rolling crusts. What the heck, guys?
1000 Hours Outside. WE ARE DOING THIS. Here we are taking a night walk in the freshly falling snow
Harry and Beatrix matched the other morning:
SHE'S SO BIG! (Also that is a shadow not ring-around-the-tub I swear)
  • UGH. School started this morning, and it was rough to be awake and on the computer bright and early. I have not missed second grade math, it turns out. 
  • I made the most wonderful chocolate chip cookies today (mostly this one but with 2 tsp vanilla and 1 almond extract), and I used an ice cream scoop. AND THE CHILDREN ATE THEM ALL. ALL. (This should be a good thing, of course, but I also wanted them because BEST COOKIES EVER.)
  • Ben is ridiculously busy at work. I was ridiculously busy with the kids, but tomorrow, I hope to also be busy doing real things, even though my semester doesn't start until AFTER MLK Day.
  • I opened my computer 16 times to write a post, but it never happened. So, here I am at the end of a long day with all of my thoughts gone because damn, That day, Those kids. THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM.
  • As a follow up to my last post, Ben has started going in before bed and unwrapping Minnie sort of like a magician pulling out a table cloth. She usually wakes up shortly thereafter (LOL).


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