Saturday, January 02, 2021

Happy New Year, friends

Minnie was skeptical when I told her we would all be staying up until midnight on New Year's Eve, but she is a generally agreeable baby and was up for giving it a try
MATCHING OUTFITS! What a perfect way to end the year!
We also made a time capsule-- I cannot even wait to open it. We will only have Dorothy and Minnie at home in 10 years, and Dorothy will be on her way to college. How crazy is that?
I had the kids write New Year's Resolutions on the kitchen tablecloth (and by tablecloth, I mean brown craft paper that I taped to the table in anticipation of the boys eating crab legs)
Ben got dressed fancy during dinner prep, and it made the night even more fun.
It inspired all of us to dress fancy.
The kids all chose their own clothes (except Min Min of course)

Minnie slept from her normal bedtime around 8:30 to just before midnight, and we all rang in the new year together on our couch, toasting with sparkling cider. It was a lovely night full of delicious food and Monopoly-- could there be a better start to 2021?

Also, Dorothy and I both did a full face of makeup for the big night:

And I really did try to get Minnie to be enthusiastic, but she just didn't see the allure:

Dorothy was just excited for The Purge later

Happy New Year!!


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