Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2021 Resolutions

It's New Year's Resolution time!!! My killjoy self's most favorite time of the YEAR! Like my morning person tendencies, my optimism for a fresh new year full of things I can accomplish is practically unassailable. 

 You all know how much I love Happier with Gretchen Rubin, right? And you know that because of that podcast, I have been making numbered New Year resolution lists for a few years now? Well, I wanted a framework for my NYRs that matches the year but I could not get  my head around a laundry list of 21 things. 

Maybe it's all the second and third grade math I have been doing this year with Dorothy and Cooper learning remotely, but I think the magic of fact families is what I need to get the most out of 2021: 7 large resolutions, each with 3 concrete steps underneath them!

Category 1: Food

1. Cultivate healthier eating habits and expand the family palate. 

  • Eat 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day (up from my current 5) 

  • Stop snacking before bedtime (maybe cram in a couple extra servings of veggies) 

  • Make 21 new dinner recipes

Category 2: Reading

2. Read for enjoyment

  • Read 121 books in 2021(last year, I read 105; the year before that over 200-- I have been reading at   least 100 books/year since 2013, but I need to aim slightly higher than I did in 2020

  • Read Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series

  • Read 21 minutes a day in 2021 (this is from Happier, and I LOVE IT. I walked everyday for at least 20 minutes because of that podcast, and this reading challenge is perfect for me because Minnie        disrupted my reading habits, and I am only just now getting back to a regular routine.)

  • Category 3: DRANKS

3. Drink mindfully

  •  Develop a special but sustainable morning coffee and nighttime tea ritual

  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water every single day

  • Aim for a mostly dry 2021 (because of pregnancy and nursing, this has been the case for 2020, and I really really love not drinking. That said, some long afternoons with the kids need a special snowflake craft beer at the end, and prosecco/champagne is a nice addition to a celebratory moment, so I won't be completely sober for the year).

Category 4: Celebrations

4. Celebrate effusively

  • Make kid birthdays extra special this year, especially if they can't have parties.

  • Emphasize small milestones

  • Focus on making family nights special

Category 5: Creativity

5.  Prioritize time to be creative

  • Work diligently on Mean Girls manuscript (it's a book about adult women who are terrible to each other-- that won't be the title, obvi, but it's what I call it on my computer) and flesh out the next novel idea I have been kicking around and outline it 

  • Blog 21 days/month at least 7 months of the year (I want to have real, substantive blog posts like I used to...) 

  • Start up POTY again and try to link episodes more closely to current events with interviews and also  op-eds.

Category 6: Skin

6. Take care of my skin

  • Replace products that run out

  • Develop a face mask ritual/routine 

  • Solve my lipstick dilemma (I never wear it because masks and always being home; I have Napoleon Dynamite chapped lips on the regular and look kind of sickly-- I need to figure this out)

Category 7: Spend (Not the best image but who wants to see another dishwasher pic?)

7.   Save and spend with care 


  • Develop a large appliance savings account (we lost a microwave, a dishwasher, a dryer, and a garage door in the pandemic, but our house turns T E N this year, and I think we can expect more appliance issues. I want to be not even a little bit stressed about this-- and plus also, we need at least one new Chromebook and Ben has an ancient Mac, as does Dorothy. I mean large as in plenty of cash but also for large appliances, BTW) 

  • Buy no more than 21 items of clothing/shoes/large accessories for myself (I anticipate my bathing suit and rash guard wardrobe needing a refresh, and I hope to buy new jeans throughout the year, but I need to stop buying tons of cheap clothes and focus on fewer, better things.)








  1. These are great! I miss POTY so I’m especially excited about that one. I’ve decided that I’m not doing resolutions this year because mine are always somehow rooted in self-esteem. I have a few things I hope to do (walk the dog more, save money, etc). I like yours because they’re all additive and quality of life rather than “fixing”

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