Thursday, January 07, 2021

PANDEMIC BABIES: Excellent distractions

 Last night, I did something crazy-- I DID NOT SWADDLE MINNIE. I just put her to bed in jammies and a sleep sack. And? She slept...fine. It wasn't her best night of sleep, but it absolutely was not her worst either. So, maybe lots of hand-wringing over nothing? STORY OF MY LIFE.

Minnie continues to be the most welcome distraction from reality I can ever imagine. Did you even SEE that stuff yesterday? Can you even BELIEVE it? I am a rhetorician, so words matter, and COUP is NOT THE RIGHT WORD. Insurrection? Insurgency? Coup is too generous and also expands the public imaginary in the wrong way. (For my part, I was more disgusted by the aftermath, especially when Hawley OBJECTED ANYWAY YOU GUYS. Are we looking at our political future?)

Anyway, my point: I am less stressed than I would be without Minnie because I am thinking of when to start solids and how she is sleeping and if it is time to feed her again and how adorable her toes are when the nail is just a teeny bit white on the tip and also then so vaguely oh are we still a democracy. Pandemic baby: better than a puppy.

Also, there is no guarantee I would still be down 15 pounds and wearing size-4 high-waisted jeans without her, you know? We all know I am a stress eater under the best of circumstances, and our world since March? NOT THE BEST OF CIRCUMSTANCES. This thought is really helping me appreciate my body where it is this exact second, not where I imagine it might have been if things were different. Also, if I do not eat all of the carbs and SO MUCH OATMEAL (which I have decided to consume in mostly cookie form), my milk supply instantly tanks. When I eat a lot and lots of carbs? WE ARE DROWNING IN MILK. So, what else can I do but eat a ton of food?

Practicing sitting:

1000 hours outside
Night skate!!
Ben's  mini
Make these!!

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