Friday, June 05, 2020

All of the things!



It's amazing, and I feel SO RELIEVED.

But also, that's why I haven't blogged at all.

I also have a fully prepped spring class which blows my mind, but that one was already ready already. And? The amazing course designer I have been working with for summer emailed to let me know the summer course is READY TO GO and it's GORGEOUS. The huge gen ed course I direct is thisclose to being ready for fall, at least on my end, and the training module is well under way, and I have done my part of that, too. It is actually possible to imagine that I will have time to have a baby. I am thrilled.

So, here are a million pictures of life from the last few weeks, while I have been working my freaking face off:

Zoom dance class ended, but the studio has a fantastic and super responsible plan for an August recital in the parking lot. The kids wore their costumes to Zoom class the last week:
 The socks were her own touch, clearly.
 Lilac season came and went
 Dorothy and Cooper have a super cute dress up game called "Should I Wear THIS to Prom?" and I totally love it.

 I have done yoga EVERY DAY since I turned 42, and it's fantastic/. Cooper approves.
 SO OVER SCHOOL and so happy it's over on TUESDAY!!
 Harry had chest pains, and we had to go to the hospital for an echo. He is fine. Hospitals are gross. The end.
 Dorothy wore her ballet costume to both tap and ballet because tap is itchy. **shrug**
 Pretty much sums it up:
 Dorothy is super in to having her hair curled. I am here for that.
 Me, recording videos for various classes in my super awesome recording studio.

 SO much hammock time

 Dorothy had crayon day at school, and this is her dressed like a crayon:
 Cooper prefers a bird's eye view of the smoothies he is making:
 SPRINKLER (and yes, that is a picture taken from the hammock)
 Cooper is a very good dinner prepper.
 Dorothy is way into Junie B Jones all of the sudden and Junie B. is also having a baby in her family and also HAS SOME FEELINGS ABOUT IT.

 Dorothy and Coper made moon rocks with first grade, and it was SO FUN. Dorothy played with the leftover "sand" for an hour while I worked on my class. So easy--- I totally recommend.

 Look who lost another tooth!!!!
 BRB-- working on the big girl room. (I cleaned the carpet with the new love of my life, this carpet cleaner and it was such an amazing zen experience. I hope to do our bedroom carpet today.)

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  1. I WANT to participate in "Should I wear this to prom?" Please let me know the requirements!