Friday, June 12, 2020

School year wrap up

Harry graduated from 8th grade in a very COVID way-- with a virtual slideshow he had to leave the pool early to attend and a drive by for his last few things, plus a really wet photo opp.

 Highest US Government average in the 8th grade! (He has loved that class all year long-- US history appears to be his Thing).
 Certificate of completion!
 Leaving to Zoom-- he was afraid he might cry
 Dorothy kept nagging me about buying Animal Crossing, so I suggested she count her cash stash and see if she had enough. I soooooo did not believe her when she said she had $94, but she totally did! She never spent her Valentine or birthday cash, and then she lost 2 teeth, so she's rich! She bought the game and also a mermaid bikini and matching tail that is every bit as tasteful as it sounds.
 The advanced learning teacher at Jack's school dod NaNoWriMo this year and kids who finished their novels got them published!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! Jack';s is called Jack Astro and the Diver's Curse, and it is a Harry Potter/Percy Jackson fan fic. LOVE IT.

Also, he got a 4.0 this semester and really crushed it during virtual learning.

Bring on socially distanced pool outings for 2 hours every other day, lots of napping in the hammock, some backyard croquet, outdoor movies on our blow up screen, and lots and lots of popsicles!

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