Thursday, June 11, 2020


 I am not going to lie-- leaving my house to be around other FREAKS ME RIGHT OUT.

I blame every anti-mask asshole on the internet who has used their privilege and or ignorance to totally destroy my faith ion humanity.

BUT our pool has pretty OK safety guidelines in place, and we are FOR SURE not using the snack bar or the bathrooms (we sign up for 2-hour pool shift, and everyone uses the bathroom before we leave the house-- we can ALWAYS run home for a bathroom break and come right back-- it's a 2.5-minute drive).

After a busy visit in the evening with lots of drunk families and kids not social distancing and close-talking adults, and also high school kids in non-family groups, I switched to the early morning time. Yesterday it was crowded, but mostly little kids and nannies. (I think the pool is operating at 25% of its MEMBERSHIP not 25% of its POOL CAPACITY, which is problematic, to be sure). I felt OK letting the kids use the slide and the diving board, etc. Most families with parents there aimed for social distance and were responsible-- the nannies slightly less so.

I feel like we need to let the kids do a few things now while it's summer and our numbers are trending down and we can be outside. If our county goes above 4%, we are not going to go any longer, and I am worried about a spike due to the week of BLM protests.

Still, it felt SO GOOD to do something normal. 

 Well, normal-ish.

Are you taking baby steps out of your bubble? Is it freaking you out, too???


  1. Our state is still mostly closed down. But it local area hasn't been hit hard at all. Pools aren't open for recreational swimming, and outdoor playgrounds are just now finally opening in some areas. The libraries are only open for pick up too. So we are still staying home mostly. But it isn't out of fear. It is because there really isn't any place up go! We have allowed our kids to see a few friends though, which we felt was necessary.

  2. We’ve had a couple friends over to swim. We make the kids stay apart, no one goes to the bathroom, and everyone brings their own snacks. Everything I’ve read says that pools are a safer option and I agree, we have to start doing things eventually. We’ve only done it twice but the kids seem better for it. I’m nervous about a post-protest wave too.
    In other news, could you BE any cuter?! If I was that cute pregnant I might have a dozen kids by now!