Sunday, June 14, 2020

Happy Birthday Harry!!

Unbelievably, Harry is 14.


I made a freaking perfect chocolate cake (and then junked it up with pudding frosting, per the golden birthday boy's request). He actually had a dream junk food day: pull apart cinnamon rolls for breakfast, his favorite takeout pizza for lunch, and steak, shrimp, scallops, and grilled red potatoes for dinner. With lemonade. And the cake.

We had an early pool slot and pretty much had the place to ourselves. We played wiffle ball. He saw a couple of friends. Family made him an adorable birthday video. It was a low key and super fun day.

This is the third kid to have a birthday since the pandemic, and I have STILL not bought birthday paper.

 All the kids made sweet cards
 Dorothy loves a good birthday morning-- it doesn't even have to be hers.
 Aw, the party hats.
 Masks! A very COVID birthday gift.
 (Beatrix has swollen eyes again and can;'t stop scratching)
 In Wisconsin, it was still swim suit and sweater season on June 14th.
 Solo swim!

 One of Harrys gifts from us was a new iPhone. I think he wanted the actual iPhone11 instead of the kid-friendly (read half as expensive) iPhone 11SE.  POOR KID. But, it set itself up all by itself with no help from us as long as it was near his old phone which was CREEPY AF.
 Decked out in new birthday gear for his frist socially distanced baseball practice.
 And then he came home from practice for MOAR PRACTICE!
 Behold, ugly but delectable:

I hope he wished for a vaccine.

Happy birthday, Harry!! 14 will be the best year yet! To high school and beyond!

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