Sunday, June 07, 2020

Another weekend, another kid room.

 You know why? Because we finished Dorothy's room YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Ben and I decided to stay up on Friday night after the kids went to bed and knock out the painting.
 We went to bed not sure about the color.
 Dorothy and Cooper got to work bright and early cleaning out Dorothy's
 Ben and I were SO HAPPY to discover we liked the color in the daytime!!  Also we were horrified to see how sloppy our pant  job was. We had to get the 9 year old can of ceiling paint out of the basement to fix the ceiling even. AND WE NEVER FIX THE CEILING.
 Ben replaced the ceiling fan with this sparkly boob light that we all love:
 Cooper used vinegar to wash his old stickers off the door.
 And by late afternoon, we had a room!!

 Dorothy and I celebrated with a perfect sunset walk.

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  1. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Gah! who knew about vinegar for getting off old stickers... clearly not me and we have a million i have been slowly picking at. Thanks Cooper!