Monday, June 29, 2020

Elderly pregnancy: 32 weeks

It is hard to get up from places like the hammock, lounge chairs, the side of the pool, the freaking COUCH.

I am so fat that my thighs are rubbing together.

Regular shirts show my belly, and tight-fitting maternity ones ride up to juuuuust under my bra.

I need a pedicure but am having a hard time reaching.

I wake up CONSTANTLY because it's hard to get settled, even with the life-changing magic of my pregnancy pillow.

The baby is moving like a little alien in there. I am a little worried because the midwife said she was head down at my last visit--- I hope she doesn't flip and then get stuck in a weird position.

Her room is DONE!!! I even added a plant yesterday.

We only have to buy a few more things to be totally ready, chief among them a carseat/stroller and a bassinet. You know, THE LITERAL ESSENTIALS.

The kids are beyond excited.

I made a Pinterest board for a postpartum wardrobe and basically just aspire to wear nursing tanks, nursing bras, and yoga pants. Good thing it's a pandemic and I can't go ANYWHERE.

Speaking of, I only bought 1 t-shirt and a dress for this pregnancy and have been mostly just wearing my normal clothes and looking silly.

Someone needs to tell my belly button we have 8 weeks to go!

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