Thursday, June 25, 2020

Just 2 months to gooooooo!

 Is this a totally SUMMER picture or what-- unicorn sprinkler down; kid on her bike in a swimsuit.  I LOVE IT.
 My college girlfriends got me a mask subscription for my birthday, and it is AMAZING.
 Harry and Coop rode their bikes to the pool aftet Harry's high school sports zoom workout-- so cute!
 They played in this box for QUITE SOME TIME
 I ordered this recliner on Amazon, and Harry built it!
 Ben's first swim:
 Oh this sweet little baby room!!!

 And these sweet little baby clothes!
 Remember back at the beginning of the pandemic when we were all staying home and watching Tiger King?
 Father's Day hike! We saw NO ONE on the rails-- it was fab!

 More teeny clothes. Her little dresser is sticked with 0-6 month clothes, and this is the newborn drawer.
 Puddle jumping
 Purple lips-- as sign that it's time to go home.
HOW have I gained 27 pounds? I guess we will never know. (It's the ICE CREAM)

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