Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Weekday update

Hillary Clinton, this gorilla, and a backseat of LOL Surprise babies are going places.
 Peppermint Russians.  YES. 10/10 would recommend.
 I bought some fall scented canvases to paint at JoAnne's last year for like $.97 and then lost them.  I randomly found them the other day, and MAGIC:
 Trader Joe's is out of my favorite face masks until December at the earliest.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DOOOOOOOOO?
 We are READY for the Frozen 2 premier is all I am saying.

Also, as you can see from the backpacks and coats creeping into the frame, it's snow gear season.  I am actually sitting here right now wondering if I can hold virtual office hours today and reschedule Harry's ortho appointment because we are supposed to get 5 inches by mid afternoon.  GAH.  NOT OKAY.  IT IS THE FIRST WEEK IN NOVEMBER, AND THE TREES STILL HAVE LEAVES.

Yesterday, I spent the hours from 3:30-7:30 in the car driving various kids various places and then going back and collecting them, and it was just delightful. (Sarcastic, basically, of course, except I am catching up on Pop Mom which I used to listen to when it was Mom on Pop and had no idea was back with a new name for over a year, so my drive was fun and relaxing. Sort of.  Except that I had to remember who needed to eat what and bring which thing with them where, etc etc etc.)  But now I am sitting here thinking how much worse it will be with snow on the ground.  OMG.  WHY DO PEOPLE (specifically this person) LIVE IN WISCONSIN?

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