Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Backstage life

Ugh, you guys.  I feel like I am living my whole life backstage.

Like, my family goes out into the world everyday, and I just stay home and clean up all of their stuff.  And then they traipse through the house and leave their stuff all over the place, and I spend hours and hours in the background cleaning it all up again.  Also, I am the prop person, the costume mistress, and the one who makes sure the set is ready to go.  THIS METAPHOR IS ENDLESS.

But, being tech support for the whole show? It's, um, not ideal.

In other words, the book is not going great because I never have time to write.  Also, I have almost no time to read.  Also, I have 100 exams to grade, and I just opened up next Wednesday's lecture slides, and they are BLANK.  BLANK?!  What the what?  I could have sworn that I prepped my whole class before summer.  WHAT OTHER SURPRISES ARE IN STORE FOR ME??

Here's Ben and 8 am, ready for a starring role in his own life.
 And here's me, same time,. stage crew all the way.

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