Monday, November 04, 2019

The holidays are coming

Ugh,  I just wrote a post about grief for Madison Mom next month, and it helped me realize just how much  I am dreading this holiday season and also just how determined I am to fake it til I make it.

Things I have done:

Bought a wreath for my front door for Valentine's day, like a little "you made it!" present waiting for me

Shopped for all but 4 Hanukkah presents (and I know what one of them is but ned to order it at the last minute in case the recipient outgrows it and am waiting to find my favorite other 3, but the genre is locked down, at least)

Made an Amazon wish list of things I want

Secured totally not usual Thanksgiving and New Year's plans

Started the holiday baking because what the hell

Put toy catalogs and pens all the heck over the house because I hope their unbridled enthusiasm will rub off on me.

Harrison has started in on the ugly sweaters already:

Jack has never met a toy catalog he didn't like
 Beatrix is a hygge inspiration for the ages

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