Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Kids, dog, etc

Beatrix  might make my couch pillow hairy and smelly, but catching her curled up on them always makes me feel more zen:

Speaking of animals doing cute things!  Both Cooper and Dorothy are at an age where they LOVE to color, draw, and write, and they take these activities VERY FREAKING SERIOUSLY.

Speaking of Dorothy, she is in a pretty major American Girl phase JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  Not only does she like to make what she calls "blank doll eyes," but she is also completely interested in everything in the toy catalog

I have no transition here, but Aldi?  My favorite place in the whole world to grocery shop?  Has chocolate chip bread that makes the best-- and messiest-- cinnamon toast.  We just thought you should know.
Speaking of nothing in particular, in my quest to be THE FUN MOM (I will wait for you to stop laughing), I did a make-your-own-pizza and movie night (Elf) MID WEEK last week.  How crazy fun is that?
While that delightful mess was happening, Ben was a delightful mess across town where he became an official Elk, meaning I have unfettered access to the best old fashioneds in town.  And also, the people there told him membership has declined along with tougher DUI laws in the state which LOL FOR DAYS.  YOU THINK SO? Poor Ben, the forever Elks lodge date night designated driver.

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