Tuesday, November 05, 2019

I might be too old to be good at Instagram. Also, buy these leggings with my code.

Pineapple Clothing sent me these adorable leggings that came in the most adorable little envelope

In return for the amazing discount, I needed to post a picture of me wearing the leggings with hashtags and also share this code and affiliate link for 20% off: CODE: sarjed LINK: www.pineappleclothing.com/?srrf=mjShM


Dorothy and I dressed up all matching down to our heart shaped sunglasses (an important detail) and went with Harry and my iPhone 11 to an outdoor mall with excellent brick walls to take a few pics.

I even ran into a local Instagrammer who has TONS of followers that I knew briefly from a blogger thing at a pumpkin patch.  I have been following her ever since and LOVE her IG account.  I chatted with her, and she was so nice to an old lady who was being such a weirdo.  Then I asked to take a pic wit her, and we did.  And then I realized I WAS WEARING DOROTHY'S SUNGLASSES not my own. GAH.

Anyway, the leggings:  totally great!  I got a small, and I wish they were a little tighter in the stomach area.  They are super smooth and high-waisted, no bulges, etc.  I sized up for Dorothy and got her the 7/8, so they are a teeny bit long but otherwise perfect.  She is not a huge fan of seams, so she loves how perfectly smooth these are.  They have tons of fun patterns, and I plan to order her these, these, and these for Chrismukkah.  I will likely buy more for me, too, but since I work out in my jammies in my workout dungeon at home, I don't have a huge need for exercise tights and am too old to walk around in them like they're actual clothes.  Still, these are cute and comfy, and I am in love with this pattern because I am a giant child.

Dorothy is clearly an Insta-natural.  If I really wanted to be a neoliberal mom, I would get her her own darn page.

The whole reason we had to go to the mall with the good murals, though, is that I POURED MY OWN CANDLE at a Madison Mom press event for a new candle bar, and I had to pick it up after it cooled.

OH MY GOSH,  Making my own candle was amazing!  My friend Tara said it was part craft, part science experiment, and she was so right.  I have already booked a seat to do it with my mom this weekend, and the scent I chose-- whiskey and oak-- smells like a glam grandma, and I love it.  Madison Mom has a 20% off code through the end of the year: MADISONMOM, and if you decide to go, tell me, and I will go with you.

Harry is the most patient son of Instagram ever
But seriously, you guys.  I heart my candle.

I am doing Positively Present's November gratitude challenge on Instagram so I can pretend like grief is not messing with my holiday spirit.  So, follow along.

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