Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Dorothy and Cooper have started a thing where they hair chalk their hair on Friday mornings, and I basically love it.
 Instagram eyebrows for sure.
 IT IS SO COLD HERE.  Like, one day it was 76 and completely gorgeous, and the next day, it's 52 and windy.  And also!  My hair is totally growing in gray.  I mean what the hell guys?
I was reading a book at baseball (MOTHER OF THE YEAR, I KNOW), and Harry and Cooper were playing with my phone, so there are a million pictures just like this one:
Usually Dorothy is right there with Snap Chat, but she was sitting under a picnic table drinking hot chocolate with 2 older girls.  For 2 hours.  It was kind of awesome.

Also Jack scored the go-ahead run by stealing home on a dropped ball and then then his team won, so that was awesome, too.
Coach Dad was really proud,  The whole thing was cute.  And then we came home to a slow-cooked dinner, and Ben and I had the kind of cool Saturday night that I bet you imagine we have watching the season premier of Blue Bloods.  God I love that show.  Although I will say, most of the amazing plot developments happen off camera between seasons, which is always confusing.

Speaking of Trader Joes, this cocoa!  YES. (Makes a great at-home mocha)

Also these crackers and this cheese (TOTALLY stocking up for Thanksgiving)
Jack studied for a math test, which was pretty cute
And he worked on a back 1.5 at dive lessons
We had a generally cozy and boring weekend.  We started with a date night with friends at a wine bar and then a tapas place and ended with a Play doh, hot chocolate and pajama day.  Pretty much perfect.

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