Monday, October 22, 2018

40 for 40 Update

Slow and steady, friends.  I think that's my motto for 40.

1.  Get a pedicure with Dorothy-- You guys!  I dropped a can of wine on my foot (KLASSY) like 4 months ago, and my nail is still too gross to get a real pedicure.  SOME DAY.
2.  Go to all of the museums in town-- Oh my goodness!  Harry and I went to the campus art museum, and it was amazing.  So!  ONE DOWN!
3.  Make 40 POTY podcasts  Steady progress here, friends.  If you haven't listened to POTY in awhile, go for it.
4.  Write 40 poems: BAH HUMBUG
5.  Keep my nails manicured:  DUDE.
6.  Read 100 books by women:  I am killing this one.
7.  Finish my novel:  SHAME SHAME SHAME
8.  Practice yoga everyday:  Um.  I think maybe I don't want to?  I was in the groove with this one and then!  Bam!  I had a legit excuse for skipping day and then a day became a week. And I have done it semi-regularly since, but it feels forced.
9.  Take the kids fishing:  Why did I want to do this?
10. Visit a national park:  Um.  We drove by one.
11. Visit 3 state parks:  2 down!!
12.  Take the kids to a ball game at Miller Park: YEP!
13.  Go skiing
14.  Grow lavender and mint
15.  Get massages
16.  Plan a Gamma Nu reunion:  All happening!!
17. Buy 40 lottery tickets: I need to take this serious;y.  How else will I get a billion dollars?
18.  Try 40 new dinner recipes:  I am 15 in!
19.  Make a book of my 40 favorite pics
20.  Make a playlist of my 40 favorite songs
21.  Write down my 40 favorite memories
22.  Do 40 random acts of kindness: Steady progress here.  Mostly, this one has made me a better driver.
24.  Drive to the east side of Madison by my damn self
25. Take Beatrix to a dog park
26. Fly a kite
27.  Make a sandcastle:  Nailed it!
28.  40 date nights-- with any/all family members: This one is making me so happy!
29.  40-ish after school adventures with Harry:  We have done a few-- movies, museum, events on campus.
30.  Bake 40-ish things with Jack: SOW AND STEADY
31.  Wear jeans and heels all fall: I have started doing this!
32.  40-ish writing dates with Cooper: I mean.  We did one.  Erm.
33.  Write more in coffee shops: Yes!
34.  Listen to new music everyday: I slacked on this, but when I was doing it, I loved it.
35.  Run a 5K: LOLOLOLOLOL
36.  Watch all 2019 Oscar movies BEFORE the Oscars
37.  See 40 movies at the theater:  I am 11 in and loving this one!
38.  40 couch dates: Such a good one!
39.  Read 40 new books with Dorothy: Flying through these because she checkout out at least 15 every library visit.
40.  Daily gratitude practice: I wonder if I should do this in a more dedicated way?  And be mindful about it?  I wonder if it would be a good way to break the writing shame spiral?

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