Saturday, October 27, 2018

Morning Routine

Even though I have been unable to get my writing shit together this whole effing semester, it has been wonderfully, perfectly easy to fall into a fairly tranquil morning routine.  Here are the deets:

5:17 am: the coffee pot begins to percolate
5:22 am: my alarm goes off, and I stumble out of bed and into the bathroom t turn it off.  This short walk is the only thing that keeps me from going back into my warm bed.  I stagger into the laundry room and immediately start a load and then shamble to the kitchen for a giant cup of hot hot hot coffee with cinnamon.
5:30-6am: I sit on the couch under a blanket getting up only to refill my mug and do my most pressing work, even if sometimes that's just writing on my blog
6-6:30am: I work out on the elliptical in the basement.  I have to have some coffee and sitting on the couch time first or I cannot muster the will to follow through on this step.
6:30-6:45am: Pack Harry's lunch; make harry's breakfast; send Harry off to school.
6:45-7:10am: Always think I am going to exercise for another 12 or so minutes, but instead spend this time making 3 lunches and waking Jack, who starts his day logging reading minutes.  I also switch the laundry and get everyone's coats, back packs, etc, ready to go
 7:10-7:30am: Yoga/dog walking happens here, and that's exercise, right?!?
7:30-8:15am: Breakfast, dressing/grooming, cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms, switching the laundry again, etc.

If I play my cards right-- and I usually do-- the kids leave and the house is clean and all I have to do is get my own self ready.  Those are 3 packed hours, but they set me up for a really productive day.  If I could find 15 more minutes for cardio, I would be even happier...

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