Wednesday, October 17, 2018


I have seven thousand (conservative estimate) things on my to do for today and very little time (NO TIME, really) to do them.

So, of course, I am writing a blog post for tomorrow, which will be today when you read it because auto-pub.

Tuesday morning at 6:10, there I was exercising away on my elliptical in my basement horror chamber when I glanced at my phone and discovered it was Jack's half birthday.  Facebook reminded me, in fact, because it showed me a picture of Jack blowing out some candles on a halfcake in 2017.  I was like OH MY GOSH!  I HAVE A CAKE MIX IN THE CABINET, and I leapt off my machine to throw together half a cake.  I also made chocolate buttercream frosting, finished my work out, and threw the cake in the freezer after it came out of the oven.  BEFORE JACK WOKE UP.

When he and Cooper went to walk the dog, Dorothy and I frosted and decorated it.

 And also made banana ghosts.
 Happy half birthday, Jack.
And thank you, Facebook, for letting me be a total MOTY this morning.

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