Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sudden onset PMS-- is that a thing?

Have you ever suffered from sudden onset PMS?  Like, the other night, I went to the movies with a friend, came home to a house of sleeping kids, and hung out with Ben for a little bit.  And then all of the sudden! I was SO MAD about... everything?  Nothing?  IDK.  I mean, it was fine.  I recognized my weird feelings and basically just went to bed.  But, yikes!

In other news:

Dorothy went on her first field trip, and she was so terrified of the bus that I had to go with her on the bus instead of meeting the kids there.  She has never one on the bus before, and she kept asking me if we were going to die.  Erm.
 We toured an apple farm and picked out pumpkins.  It was adorbs.
 And you know what? We wore matching boots.
This semester, I am still having a hard time getting my act together, and one of the things I am getting sloppy about is the library.  When to go? When to go back? How to include the ids even though they're busy, too, etc.
 (She wants to take this picture every time)
 I mean!  I have so many titles on the shelf!!
 Make these.  You will not be sorry.  But maybe you should not let your kids help themselves. Do you know how much I ate in the name of evening things out?
Have a fun weekend!!

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