Friday, October 12, 2018

Self Care When You're Stressed Out

Waiting for my follow-up mammogram was a stressful time for me. 

On the one hand, I knew that I still had statistics on my side and I was probably OK.  On the other hand, I live at the edge of a slippery slope fallacy basically all of the time anyway, so I had definitely teetered down the precipice of that chain of thinking.

I relied on the most wonderful friend in the world, whom I have known since FIRST GRADE.  In first grade (and I am sure I have told this story before-- and she told it in her wedding toast to us as my maid of honors, but I digress) I met this person because our teacher left us lined up in the hall while she dashed inside the office, and I realized that I would never be able to find my way back to the classroom without her and what if she never came back?  So I burst into tears.  My friend introduced herself with all 3 of her names and said I didn't have to worry because she knew everything and she would take care of me.  And that has basically been our friendship dynamic for the last 34 years. 

She listened to me vent my fears, told me about her own experiences with the procedures, and was a source of much needed distraction on the phone and via text all week. 

My advice, if you are stressed, is to rely on your best friend from first grade because someone who has known you that long will also know exactly what to say.  If you lack a Katie, though, then I have a few other tips, too.

Selfie in bed.  

I did this literally, but I think it's also a metaphor.  Basically, just steal a few moments to revel in ordinary luxury.  (Also, I hung some pictures one day while the kids were in school, and I did a terrible job!  Oops!  Sorry, Ben!)  (And!  There are at least 4 holes for every frame).

 Go to the movies! 

 I saw A Star Is Born with friends and LOVED it.  But!  Awkwardly!  Only half of us were eating at the movie theater bar.  I typically order a pizza there because it is the least caloric thing on the menu.  A medium clocks in at 770 calories, and I only eat about 1/3 of a medium pizza.  That, plus a glass of wine is totally reasonable, especially compared to all the other greasy fried options.  Only THEY BROUGHT ME A LARGE accidentally.  One friend had her own food; one is doing a Whole 30, and one doesn't at dairy or gluten.  So it was aaaaaall me.

 Appreciate cute kids things.  

Like this smoothie mustache! Even though it annoys you usually when she smears food all over the place!

 Break out the craft supplies!

I thought only Dorothy and Cooper would want to make Halloween-themed door art, but much to my surprise/delight Harry and Jack joined right in.
 Jack gave his felt pumpkin sequined acne.
 Harry's had a really scary fish gape.
 My kids!  Inherited my art talent.  (Sorry kids)

 Set a fancy table and cook a YUGE dinner.  

This pasta was SO GOOD I think I am going to make it for our new next door neighbors.

 Finally, if you're stressed,  try to live in the moment and deal just with what's immediately in front of you.  

And what's immediately in front of you?  Hygge all the way. (Without the xenophobic nationalism, but add one smelly dog).

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