Monday, September 24, 2018

Oh hey it's cold outside.

Every year, no matter how often I am refreshing the weather app on my phone, I am surprised by the onslaught of fall temps.

This year, I am also excited about them because the MOSQUITOES!  MY GOD THE MOSQUITOES! 

Still, as much as I would love for all the bug bites ad allergy symptoms to vanish, the first question I find myself asking the kids when fall temps greet us in the morning is OH MY GOSH!  DOES ANYONE HAVE PANTS THAT FIT?

Because I am the old woman in the shoe, it is usually just Dorothy and Harry who have a fall clothes crisis-- and two kids is manageable.  This fall, however, things are complicated by the fact that Harry and Jack wear the same size and also Cooper has very exacting standards about the way his clothes feel on his body.  Basically, I am going to Old Navy and sweeping all of the pants in the boys' section into my arms.  GAH.

Here's Dorothy enjoying the last (?) warm day of the season:
Ben and I got to go to first grade because Coper was the VIP for the week:
 Fall beer season?
 I watched Cooper warm up for baseball in the car because MOTY and also MOSQUITOES
 After a long, logistically complicated day, I let Dorothy and Jack help make omelets and pancakes for dinner, and we weren't done eating until 8:00.
 Dorothy first-cold-day flat lay:

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