Monday, September 03, 2018

Big! Girl! Room!

Since she heads to kindergarten TOMORROW!! it seems only natural that Dorothy got her very own little big girl room.  She no longer sleeps on Cooper's top bunk.  Now that honor is reserved for Cooper's giant stuffed dragon/alligator/dinosaur thing.

I am always the last to know, but apparently llamas and the new unicorn?

There she is on her sweet little IKEA bed nestled in between the one million stuffed animals she needs to sleep with.  NEEDS TO.  Also, this is the first time her night stand has been out of her closet in a million years.
 Same with Cooper, by the way, whose night stand is HILARIOUS:
Another shot if the bed and the sweet little storage bench Ben's parents gave us when they moved.
 The other side of the room.

 All tucked in!
 And the next morning, she woke up and got right to work playing.

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  1. Such a cute room! I love that bed. The girls are getting ready to split up and I'm loving designing separate rooms for them :) Good luck tomorrow!