Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I am missing 3 years of photos!


Not in my Photos library.

No in the iPhoto library that's taking up like 900 gigs of my computer and is called "other," maddeningly, on my storage toolbar.

Not in the Cloud.


Ben has been making fun of me for printing pictures every month at Walgreens, but those pictures?  ARE THE ONLY ONES WE HAVE!

I am going through my online Walgreens photo stash and re-adding them to my library, which is harder than it sounds because I never paid attention to naming conventions, and that's biting me in the ass right now.  Also me with a baby Cooper?  FRESH FACED AND I HAD A THIGH GAP WHAT THE HELL?  These last seven years have been cruel (and also wonderful and amazing and I would not change the for the world). (But that thigh gap tho).

I discovered this loss when Cooper had to do a VIP project for first grade this weekend, and he needed a photo of himself just born, and the best I could do was a 1-month pic that I grabbed off of Facebook.  (Although I a pretty sure we posted a pic of Cooper do freshly born he was still all covered in vernix.)

Anyway I am busy, is what I am saying.

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  1. I feel like we should have a "come to Jesus" with every fresh-faced new mom that includes how to organize your digital pictures, planning a system for back-ups, and appreciating how cute you look.

    My old pictures are in files named "Messy face," "Fun Tuesday," and other such bullshit. Super, super helpful, 2008 me...