Saturday, September 15, 2018

Crushing the patriarchy, or thinking about it, at least

 I saw an excellent talk about thinking as resistance in Trump's America that made me-- you guessed it-- THINK. 

In Scott Walker's Wisconsin, we have seen the public climate turn away from thinking and toward a for-us or against-us mentality that requires instant identification and not much else.

In some ways, the critics are right.  Thinking is a luxury when you're focusing more immediately on the pressing issues of survival.  And can there be a life of the mind without considering the body?  Only for the very privileged.

I want to keep thinking about how I can interrogate categories that seem unchangeable and break down barriers of access for me and also for those in my community.  But what does this look like in my everyday life as a mom?  What does it mean to practice the kind of thinking-as-resistance that critical theorists talked about all those years ago as a mom in the burbs?  As a teacher?

Also?  How cute is Cooper in this Pokemon onesie?
 He LOVES reading chapter books.
 I am still not quite sick of packing lunches!
 This picture is only notable because of the size of that foot!  And ho it has an arch!  An instep!  There are ankle bones!
 Can you see the cat-sized mosquitoes biting us?  Because I am sure they were.

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