Thursday, September 27, 2018

Big girl with fancy earrings!

Dorothy has been talking about getting her ears pierced FOREVER. Almost weekly since she turned 5. And eery time she brings it up, she immediately shoots it down.

On Saturday afternoon at the end of Jack's baseball game when she brought it up again, I said, "Do you want to go to the mall right now and do it?" 

And she, totally filthy with mud caking her dress, legs, and feet and black little finger and toenails, answered, "Yes."

So we did.

We got there just as Claire's "piercing princess" was getting back from what smelled like a smoke break, so that was lucky.  Dorothy was clean compared to the store, and when I watched the princess (I mean, it seemed official-- she was wearing a tiara) use her long fake nails to pierce the seal of the ear cleaner stuff she was selling us while also telling us we should wash our hands before use (um?!), I had serious misgivings.

I kept asking Dorothy if she wanted to change her mind, but she kept saying, "It's my body, my choice." (which sounds lovely now, but wait until she's 18 at the tattoo parlor-- I am fairly anti-tattoo which I know is weird and old fashioned, and I am also trying to hide this fact from my kids because of the Romeo and Juliet effect).

She needed Cooper to hold her hand and stare into her eyes, which was DARLING. Even more so when you consider that he was singing this song from Daniel Tiger to her.

There was only one person to do the piercing (I had been hoping for 2 and a simultaneous situation), but it still went smoothly, even though Dorothy cried a little and clearly regretted her choice in the seconds before the first ear and also of course between ears. (When the princess went to help her trainee with a complicated return, and Dorothy was just sitting in the chair with purple marker dots on her earlobes, I thought the project was lost, and wondered if they'd still charge me part of the $70 since I had already signed a bunch of stuff, but, nevertheless).

Midwestern childhood in a nutshell:
 Her little face!  His hands!
At least the whole thing was brief!  6 seconds!  3 live photos!
See?! Smiles!
 And she got a sucker.  I mean.

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