Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Farewell, Summer! I will miss you like crazy.

Summer! Please don't go!  Stay forever!  We love you too much, summer!  Come baaaaaack.

We somehow every year manage to get sick of perfection by the time we leave for vacation, but we come back ready to dice right in but also with our fall obligations creeping back onto the calendar.   actually love this little trick of time because it leaves us wanting more summer every year.

I don't know what they were doing here, but I wish they had time to do it more often during the school year.

 She is in school all day and can no longer be my target accomplice like she has been for FIVE SOLID YEARS what am I going to doooooooooooo??
 Pool nights!  It seems incomprehensible that I will be forced to live my fall life sand pool night.
 Card games in pajamas!  MOAR please.
 Popping into a new bakery just because we saw a new bakery.  I WILL MISS THIS.
 Who doesn't love playing whiffle ball in the rain?  Also our neighbors are selling their house, and I think we helped facilitate a quick sale with our wet dresser on the side of the road.
 Dorothy went to my fancy salon for a big girl haircut.
 Summer means chocolate zucchini cake with zucchini from our very own garden
 Pool days.  Oh, the pool days.
 Scootering to the park and back after dinner before the days run short.
 A rainy days cookie ice cream sandwich treat just because why not:

 An all-day spontaneous art project or 4.

 And of course, the most important thing, baseball concessions.
Oh summer.  Are you sure you can't stay?

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