Thursday, September 06, 2018

TBT Our Last Pool Day of 2018

Even though we knew the weather was going to be terrible, we spent the last pool weekend of 2018 AT THE DAMN POOL.  Because TRADITION!

It wasn't very warm, and the rain was relentless.  The whole weekend was better suited to binge-watching shows on Amazon (which, I am happy to report, we also did.  Ben and I watched all of Jack Ryan, and we have not been zeitgeisty like that for YEARS)

But really, the weekend was better suited to puzzles
 Ad reading Harry Potter in sweats.
 But!  We have ALL FALL to do those things.

So.  POOL.
 I read a couple more books in my favorite chair shooing away all of the bees.
 The kids frolicked.
 On the last day, Ben and I stood in the drizzle with our favorite pool lunch.
 The place was PACKED (kidding, obvi)
 Jack did a few last flips.
 Dorothy capped of a grilled-cheese-filled summer with a final grilled cheese
 Jack starts diving lessons on Sunday, and he already cannot wait.

 At the very end of the very last day, all of the kids lined up along the edge for one final jump of the season.
 Watch Jack here-- he is on the end and is clearly living his best life:

 SUMMER!  Another perfect 3 months of pool, pool, and more pool.

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  1. Jack looks incredibly happy but did he land in a bellyflop? I hope not. Ouch!

    Dorothy is one happy cheese eater.

    Is Jack Ryan good?