Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday already for real??

This is a weird week because Ben has a conference, and I only get to log two days at the actual office and the rest at home, so I feel like I am scrambling a little right out of the gate.  

So, I last blogged on Thursday, and here is what we've done since then:  

Dorothy continues to look like an Olson twin
 Beatrix thinks she can get on my bed.  SPOILER ALERT:  No fucking way, dog.
 We asked Jack to take our picture before date night, and he climbed up on a chair and practiced holding the camera with a fake camera.
 I left my phone on the table for one second and then this was my FB profile pic.  Also, we had sushi that was so bad, I will never eat at that restaurant again.  And I will never eat sushi again.
 We had to go eat pie to get the taste out of our mouths.
 I also needed wine
 And Ben needed a Moscow mule.
 We finally got out the Osmo Harry got for Christmas-- it's really cool
 I made this awesome subversive counted cross stitch from an Etsy pattern and then bought 4 more patterns, so look out world.
 We played with this awesome 6-year-old house
 Some friends turned their house into a casino, which is super fun
 They also have a chalkboard wall which is Dorothy-approved.
 Harry and Jack pretty much dress themselves from their pajama drawer everyday
 Dorothy turned into a teeny teenager
 Beatrix IS allowed on Ben's bedding, says me anyway.


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Oh no. Was it Takara?

  2. Your boots! And Dorothy's a genius!