Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hair-mergency and a really bad Stitch Fix

I think the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, but I need you to be ready for tons of self-indulgent pictures of my hair taken in the mirror with my ginormous iPhone, kay?
 Curlers!  She let me put exactly one curler in her cute hair, and then she crammed a few more in there herself.

I bought these ginormous retro velcro rollers like I used to use in the 90s the other day because I was suddenly overcome with deep and abiding hatred for my straggly Duggar hair.
 At least it's sort of young Duggar hair and not totally Michelle's hair.
 Dorothy, though, is having GREAT HAIR

I got some volumizing hair spray and was really impressed with my Duggar hair's ability to look the same as it did in the morning by baby bath time, which is 7-12 really, really long hours later.

And then I did the exact same thing the next day, rollers and all.
Also the same thing with Dorothy's hair because if it ain't broke, you know.  Also, she looks totally huge in this picture and exactly like an Olson twin.
Yesterday, I dusted off an oldie but goodie, the braid crown.  Admittedly, this style works better in the summer, and it makes me look a little bit like Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein, and it is a total waste of clean hair.  It was this last one that pissed me off the most because I washed my hair yesterday and then ran out of time to DO anything with it because I had to go get Cooper.
Side note rant for a second:  My Monday mornings totally SUCK.  Ben goes to work at 6:30 (so clearly his mornings suck more because at 6:30, Dorothy has just joined me under the covers, and she is nursing, and I am sniffing her sweet head and Cooper is in Ben's bed watching PBS kids and the big boys are just waking up downstairs and Harry is turning on ESPN because that's all he watches and Jack is playing some strange game in his room with the whole Magic Treehouse series lined up in straight rows, but my digression has digressed), and I get everyone breakfast and tidy everything up and dress Cooper and Dorothy and swap my PJ pants for yoga pants.  At 8:15, the big boys go to school; I switch the laundry and clean up the boys' bedroom and bathroom.  At 8:30, Dorothy and I take Cooper to school.  We come home, have a snack, switch the laundry, and she plays blocks or watches Super Why while I work out.  By 10:15 we go upstairs so I can do more laundry and take a shower and get dressed for work while she trashes my bedroom and bathroom and closet.  I throw lunch together for the babies at around 11:15, and we are out the door to get Cooper by 11:25.  We come home from pick up, and the babies eat while I run around and put away all the laundry.  ben is home at 12:30, and I head out the door to work after doing the nap routine.  THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ERROR.  And an hour is not enough time for me to shower, wash my hair, style it effectively, put my makeup on, switch my huge purse from a diaper bag to a work bag, find clothes, clean up after Dorothy, make lunches, and be ready to go get Coop.  Usually primp time suffers and I end up with something like a clean hair braid crown.

I sent back my entire Stitch Fix this month which drive me crazy because now I have to pay the $20 stylist fee, and usually this fee is subtracted from my total purchase.

But it really sucked.
I loved the color of this sweater, but i was super lumpy and unflattering.  Also, as I have explained 3 times now in my feedback, open cardigans are no good for me because I have a gross flabby tummy pooch and don't really wear fitted t-shirts.  But I look fat and dumpy with a cardi over a not-fitted t, tank, or tunic,

This is a wrap dress, which I normally like, but this one needed a cami under it which I think is a really frumpy look.  And the colors were very Sears.  AND it was $110 and I think I can do better at Banana or Anne Taylor if this is the look I want, and I am not sure that it is.
I liked these jeans, and they looked really great on me.  BUT I am not sure I like black jeans.  And also they were $158, and I usually spend about $75 at Gap, so I wanted to make sure I really liked them.
I also got a horrible looking cheap silver-colored necklace.  I am not a costume jewelry kind of girl, so back it went.

I almost kept the dress and the jeans, but then I was flipping through Instagram, and I saw this dress in an Anthro post and realized I should just go buy it and a cuter necklace and call it a day.

And!  Bonus!  I am rocking a super crimped ponytail thanks to yesterday's braid crown.

But seriously, I hate my freaking hair.  I almost gave into a fit of impatience and PMS and cut it into a mom lob the other day.  But!  I am waiting until I lose this baby weight or turn totally gray to make a major change.  Dorothy is 2 next month.  I have to lose weight RIGHT NOW or I am going to have to call it toddler weight.  And then preschool weight.  And then I'll be in menopause anyway.


  1. You should send a note to Stitch Fix customer service and point out that you've told them 3 times not to send open cardigans and yet you received it again this month. They'll probably apologize and offer some kind of credit as a compensation for the inconvenience. That should offset the stylist fee. As for this month, I like the wrap dress but understand your concern about needing a camisole underneath. Have you ever considered a bra that has camisole like fabric across your cleavage? I own a couple because a lot of plus size clothes are way too low cut. This kind of bra is a great option because it offers some modesty, no one know it's part of your bra, and you don't deal with the bulk of a camisole.
    I'm sorry you're sending everything back. I LOVE black jeans but couldn't bear to pay that price. Yikes!

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I don't understand about the hair. Why does wanting to lose weight correlate to you keeping a hair style you don't like? Wouldn't getting a hair cut free up some mental energy (and time)?

  3. FWIW, I love your hair and you're my inspiration for growing mine out. And we all know how fun growing hair out is. The jeans are totally not $160 cute. Good choice. I am so with you on the weight, ugh. A is almost 2 and I still have at least 15 pounds to go. I'm about to pay for someone else to deal with it.

  4. Too bad that pink sweater didn't work out - it's so cute!

    I just bought two pairs of skinny jeans at Old Navy for under $30 each (they were on sale), so I'm with you on sticker shock at a pair that costs over $150. Yikes!

    I applaud your hair efforts - mine consist solely of washing, MAYBE putting some oil on the ends, and air drying.

  5. I love your hair! Don't chop it!!!!!