Saturday, February 28, 2015

Solo parenting is not my jam

Ben went out of town overnight-- OVERNIGHT-- and the wheels totally fell off our bus.  I am NOT CAPABLE of managing shit without him even for one night.

Jack had the stomach flu, BTW.  THE STOMACH FLU.

And Dorothy climbed out of her crib twice-- TWICE-- and had to sleep with me and only slept from 11-6, when she usually sleeps from 7:30-6:30.  The the next day the doorbell rang at 1:30, and she had just gone down for her nap at 12:45, and IT WOKE HER UP.

I mean, I was bitching and moaning abut the 24 hours of solo parenting when I thought everything would go normally.  Had I known that Jack would open the door to his room and hurl EVERYWHERE in our direction the moment I set down the pizza box and cupcakes for our Thursday night movie party in the family room, I would have never let Ben leave.  IT WAS THE PITS.

Also while Ben was gone, Dorothy and Cooper learned to FIGHT.  Like seriously fight.  What an awesome new skill **eye roll**
 A really unladylike trip down the stairs for princess Anna
 Dorothy is now super choosey about the PATTERN of her diapers.  She will ONLY wear Honest Company pink strawberry-print diapers, Honest Company pink tiara-print training pants, and the Ariel Pull-Ups that comprise 1/3 of the Doc McStuffins/Ariel/Minnie Mouse girl-flavored package.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  If her preferred pattern is unavailable, she would prefer to go without pants or just wear her shit around until you can get the right pattern, you moron.
 She was so cute on Thursday night sleeping with me, even though she ended up sleeping on my face.
 We both fell asleep reading.
Dorothy has been a great sleeper for the past year, but the ONE NIGHT I was on my own, she was horrid.  HORRID.  It made me realize I cannot ever take a good night's sleep for granted every again because that next morning was rough.  And then I drank 2 glasses of wine last night and geared up for a House of Cards marathon, and we made it through 1.3 episodes and passed out.  We are so, so cool.

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  1. Avery is crazy about her diaper style too. It's decidedly not awesome.