Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hanging around, a party, and a pumpkin patch

On Wednesday, Dorothy FINALLY wanted to play with her American Girl dolls. She mainly tried to rob them of their footwear.
Jack lost his second tooth, and Harry told him not to expect $20 from the Tooth Fairy because she might only bring second kids $10 for their second tooth.  She brought a twenty.  Jack is saving up for a TV which Santa might bring them to hang on the wall of their room to play XBox and Wii U.  I KNOW.  Super trashy. 
Too cool for school.  But they were on their way to school.  Erm.
This is all Cooper was wearing.  Doesn't that make you want to sit on our couch?
He looks really old.  Except for the missing little teethies.
She found out Frozen is on TV, not just on the iPod in the car.
Not one child ate one monster finger.
Keeping it classy and making punch, which I called Hallowtinis, despite the lack of vodka.
Paying Bingo together.  THEY WERE SO CUTE.
Sending emails.  EMAILS.  A girl in his class just emailed tonight to ask him if he had any plans for recess on Monday and to ask him not to be annoying.  Then she emailed back a few minutes later to say she wasn't being mean, but he's really annoying.  Erm.
More emails.
After I volunteer in his class, the kids have choice time until the end of the day, and I like to stay and play with them.  This week, I suggested that a fun choice activity would be to clean out Harry's desk.  He was not convinced it would be fun.
But seriously.
SERIOUSLY.  (Once in second grade, I got in trouble because there were a couple of rotten bananas in my desk, and they made everything smell and ruined my spelling book, so I know he gets it naturally).
He had a ton of crayons and markers at the beginning of the year.  Now he has like 5.  WHERE DID THEY GO?
This was the funniest and randomest thing in his desk:
Ben stopped by school on his way home from work (the babies have a sitter so I can volunteer) to set up a PTO event, and he came for choice time, too.  We both played Chinese checkers with Harry and a friend.  That's a long game.  We kept suggesting hopefully that it was time to clean up, and a group of girls playing Pictionary Jr. next to us got all pissy and told us there would be a bell.  There was a bell.

Then we ran home to put the finishing touches on our pre-PTO-event Halloween party.  These drinks were STRONG.  If you make them, I recommend filling the pitcher with frozen gummy worms.
Part of his costume:
Lord of the Flies in the basement-- our house is good for upstairs/downstairs parties
Moms (and a monkey baby who got really hot at school and took off all her clothes except her dress and diaper and we lost her cute little bloomers)

She canNOT color on the paper.
During the PTO costume parade at school, Cooper started screaming that he wanted to go to the park. I told hm we could go when the sun was up.  He remembered that promise.

You can't tell, but damn this is fast.

Cooper's first board game: super hero Shoots and Ladders.  He LOVED it, even though a certain baby kept knocking over the board.

Mandatory fall fun!

This orchard has a cute little Harry Potter gently haunted exhibit that we have been doing since Jack was Cooper's age.  It starts with a blow up train kids can crawl through to get to Hogwarts.
I don;t know how we have failed to notice the super unfortunate opening all these years.
But wow.
Cooper and Dorothy didn't want to pose with this guy.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE when he crosses her little arms like that.
She was really excited to do the "weee"
She tried to leap from the fence

The boys LOVED the tiny corn maze

And everyone was a fan of hot cider and caramel apple sundaes.


Yup  Dorothy is about troll-size.  And she sure did lose her "bowbowbow."


  1. Glad I'm not the only one to notice the inflatable vagina at the end of the the train bouncy house! We went in one a few years ago and sadly, Ryan was parking the car and had the camera with him.

    Love all your fall festivities! We are hopeful for it to not be ninety degrees here any day now!

  2. It looks like a butt to me.

    I can't believe Harry's school picture - he looks like a teenager!