Wednesday, October 29, 2014


My school read I Am Malala for our common reading program, and Shiza Shahid, the founder of The Malala Fund, was the campus keynote speaker.  After her excellent speech on Monday night (she is the most accomplished 25-year-old I have ever met), she spoke to about 50 public speaking students and my criticism students Tuesday morning, and I moderated that event, which was awesome.  Then I made her take a picture with me because I am a dork.

Speaking of awkward pictures, Jack, first grade:
I looked up from washing the dishes the other night to see this guy pressed up against the glass.  I HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG HE WAS STANDING THERE.

We finally bought the kids a computer because Harry's constant need to check his email was driving us batshit.  I love how perfectly proportionate it is for Jack.
Did you know Darth Vader can look like a teddy bear?  Well, he can, obvi.
While Dorothy took a nap (oh god you guys, Cooper is slowly but surely dropping his nap), I sat on the driveway and cleaned out seven (7) pumpkins-- the kids insisted we get one for Beatrix-- so we could carve them after school.  Cooper helped.  And by helped, I mean did not help at all and hindered, actually.

Predictably, pumpkin carving was a mess of screaming and knives, and all the boys carved their own.  Dorothy didn't really know what the hell was happening, and Ben and I decided to wait until everyone was in bed and we were having wine to carve ours.

I pretty much love them (those are both mine--Ben's are way better)

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  1. My favorite is Cooper staring at you through the door. Hahahahaha!