Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gah. Weekend.

OMG. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

We had a jam-packed schedule, starting Friday night when the boys' old babysitter Jamie came to visit, and Ben and I had a lovely date night (not with Jamie as the babysitter-- she was strictly a dinner guest). Then, Saturday, we did our usual billion-sporting-events shuffle.  Harry scored a touchdown at football!  We also spent a million dollars on groceries at Whole Foods (and gave the kids McDonalds for lunch today-- hashtag irony), took Harry to a birthday party, and then I took the boys out for a fun night.  Today, we started bright and early with family pictures (OMG DOROTHY WAS A MONSTER), followed by hockey try-outs, marathon housecleaning, baking, and a little shoe shopping.

Here are the monkeys having a Friday morning breakfast of pumpkin-chip muffins, my best of the season, if I do say so myself.
Beatrix.  She runs around like a fool at night until bam! She passes put cold.
Dorothy.  Shoeless.  Because, as we are discovering bit by bit, Dorothy does what she wants when she wants to, damnit.
Dorothy did NOT want to take this picture.

We split a half order of nachos and had some beers.

Before adjourning to the country club restaurant for more beers/gin and walking/stumbling home across the golf course.
I am seriously torn between getting Dorothy hot pink Hunters and wellie socks OR light pink Uggs for winter.  It's kind of keeping me up at night,  I have both options for myself and know they are both warm, but I am leaning Ugg because she already has cute lady bug rain boots.
While Ben and Jack were at soccer, these three helpfully made lunch
Somehow, this whole pack of cheese ended up on the floor, and the dog ate it, paper and all.  Also, we were all still jammied.
The boys and I saw Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, etc. on Saturday night and went ice skating again.  I fell down HARD.  My knees are bruised and both my arms are sore from the shock of flinging them out to break my fall.  I am too old.
After our photo session today, Ben and Harry went straight to hockey, and I took the other 3 to Toys R Us to buy them the bribe toys they did not earn.  But oh the screaming if I didn't actually buy them their Pokemon crap, robot, and Minnie Mouse shopping cart plus hula hoop.
This car has dirty wheels and is almost already broken, but SHE HAD TO HAVE IT.
I swear I have more to say, but the wine is kicking in.  So, tomorrow?


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    After a really bad day ,someone really rained on my parade ..I came here and felt good seeing your photos made me feel better

  2. Dorothy does what she wants when she wants to. Ha!! Mary has learned the power of screaming. Gonna be a long road.

  3. What dog enjoys cheese?!

    I'm really excited to see your family pictures. I have been avoiding taking any with V right now because I am unsure I want to pay a professional to take a picture of the back of her head or her booking it as far away as possible. I mean, I can do that for free right now...

  4. Tripod8:53 AM

    Does Dorothy look like the Olsen twins on Full House in that picture or what??
    So much hair all of the sudden!