Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday already?

Once again the whole week is GONE.  I haven't been here since Tuesday, and Tuesday was just a blink ago.  We haven't quite figured out our new routine is the problem.  I mean, I hope that's the problem.  Otherwise, we HAVE figured out the new routine, and it's a crazy busy one.

I had really bad PMS two weeks ago, and I needed  chocolate.  Needed it in a really medicinal way.  So, I started eating bags of chocolate chips whenever I wanted and making cookie dough and generally ignoring My Fitness Pal.  And you know what? No difference. The two weeks before that, I was logging in everyday and eating only my 1200 calories and whatever exercise calories I managed to accrue.  And you know what?  NO DIFFERENCE.  SO, I mean, gah.  (The other day I was walking to my parking garage at work, and I literally bumped into a sandwich board that said "WEIGHT WATCHERS MEETS HERE" with a huge arrow.  Maybe it is a sign. I mean, yes, it was actually a sign, but I mean a figurative sign, too.  And no, Weight Watchers doesn't meet in the parking garage-- it's in the basement of the building next door.  And maybe the sign is that I need to stop texting and walking.)

I was looking through old pictures the other day, and can you believe that 2 years ago, I had a baby Dorothy's age (Cooper) and was PREGNANT?  Holy cow.

This is the first time since I have been married that I don't actively want more babies .  Everybody says you can feel when your family is complete, and I so totally get that now.

While Cooper has Little Gym, I sit on the floor outside the gym and build blocks with Dorothy (that girl is so into her Melissa and Doug stacking blocks, which is wonderful because they can be nested and thrown in my world's giantest purse) and watch Cooper through the glass.  He is adorable in class-- very serious and capable and excellent at following directions which surprises me because he is way more ADHD than Harrison who actually HAS a clinical ADHD diagnosis.  I wonder if once his shyness wears off he will be the troublemaker I think he is destined to become.

Anyway, the point is, while I sit there in babyland, there are 4 older moms who are all there watching their youngest kids in class.  Their youngest kids are all about a year or so older than Coop, who just barely made the age requirement for the class (3-5 y/os), and they all seem to be right around 4-5 years older than I am.  They are a different breed than the moms I know who are all still in the thick of it.  They are, as a group, just a bit thinner, better dressed, and more made up.  They always get to class with dry hair and done faces, and when they wear (Lulu) workout gear, they also have that just-did-yoga-glow.  One of them was talking about leaving her kids with friends and grandparents next week because she and her husband are off to Paris.  No one has to rush home for nap screaming along to the radio and wrenching her shoulder to reach behind her and jostle the leg of someone who is almost asleep and who will refuse all naps if she sleeps for just 6 minutes in the car before lunch.

 I just am so excited to be one of those women soon.

Speaking of ADHD, at open house, everyone in Harry's class had these on the back of their desks:
Except for Harry, who lost the head and feet somewhere in his desk and had one that looked like this:

I think I am going to quit my day job and become a baby stylist because I do pretty good work. That's a summer dress with boyfriend jeans.  Whoever made toddler boyfriend jeans is a genius.

 So much good parenting going on here.  He's watching the Cartoon Network, BTW.  So not appropriate.
 Blurry, yes, but she totes looks like Angelica Pickles.

First grade work is very important.
 Took Cooper to Old Navy to pick out a shirt and sweater he will wear in our family picture.  Because I doubt he will actually wear it, so I am not looking to make an investment.
 Do her feet look ginormous in these boots?  They are her size, but they run HUGE, and I am afraid she looks like she has cartoon feet.


  1. The moccasins make everyone's feet look a little ski-ish.
    We've had our Christmas card pic earmarked for months, but you're making me crave a good family styling project...

  2. I hope Beatrix Makes the Christmas card!

  3. Anonymous6:24 PM

    ADHD or just plain intelligent ,like I mentioned my daughter has ADD but she is so lost in her own world that she does not even hear what the teacher says sometimes.
    Harry seems to be a very smart kid ,could it be he learns so fast he gets bored ,unlike my kid who is average?