Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I thought things would get EASIER when the kids went back to school

Cooper crapped his very favorite pair of Jake and the Neverland Pirates underpants today, so instead of cutting them off his body and throwing them away which is what I usually do when he craps his pants, I had to salvage the Jake undies and get intimately involved with his poop.  It was gross.  Then I let the dog in from the backyard where she had been for-- um, okay AWHILE-- and she immediately and without warning peed on the entry way rug.  And the big boys had early dismissal.  And Ben is not home until dinner time. And I got about  seven thousand urgent emails to deal with immediately for work.  And I took Cooper to the dentist to discover he has a cavity (WHAT THE HELL?  I FEEL TERRIBLE).  And both babies napped for 10 minutes on the way home from the dentist at 10:45 this morning and they did not nap again.  Well, Dorothy fell asleep at like2, but I could only let her sleep for 20 minutes or bedtime will be ruined.  GAH.

Also, I feel bad for the dog who spends more and more time outside, but she canNOT stop biting Dorothy.  Dorothy eggs her on for sure by lying on the ground on purpose right in front of her, jumping on her, and, you know, just being so enticingly delicious and carrying her tantalizing bodily waste around in her pants, but holy shit balls.  STOP NIPPING AT MY BABY.  The trainer says when Beatrix is nippy, we have to put her in timeout or withdraw all attention for a few minutes, so that's what we do, but it is SO TIME CONSUMING.  If the dog is not in and out of time out, then someone has crapped themselves or an area of the house or needs to eat or just ate and needs to be cleaned up, etc.

No harmful dye in that frosting, I'm sure...  How could one of MY kids have a cavity?
 Best friends.
 Dorothy is seriously into the dog bed.
 We went out for a semi-fancy dinner to toast the end of an excellent summer.  I got a little tipsy because taking 4 kids to a semi-nice restaurant is kind of hard.  Really hard, actually.
 Cooper before entering his classroom on the first day of school.  He was so nervous but also SO EXCITED.
 I am seriously loving packing these PlanetBox lunches.

 HE LOVED SCHOOL.  I have pictures of the bog boys, too, but they are not showing up on my PhotoStream for some reason, and I am not on my real computer right now, so you;ll have to take my word for it.
 She was dancing.  Very seriously.  And saying "dance."  It was the cutest.
 Reluctant nap.


  1. We have the same problem with our ginormous kitten and swiping his very much still clawed paws at V, who honestly tortures him. So, yeah.

  2. It's CHAOS isn't it? Somehow 30ish hours of kids out of the house time has translated into constant chaos, no free time, a million tiny fires all the time time for me. Hoping it settles down. Maybe?

  3. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Apologies if you weren't really looking for advice, but maybe get the dog a crate with a small-ish opening and put a bed inside, then keep the kids from bugging her when she's in it? She might be willing to "flight" more than "fight" if she has a calm spot to retreat to.

  4. Anonymous10:02 PM

    such a cutie ,post more pics of her ,such cute cheeks