Thursday, September 18, 2014

Baby girls are so damn cute

I mean sure, baby boys are, too. But OMG Dorothy kills me these days with utter adorableness.

(Okay, but then there's this guy, too, who is pretty darn adorable.  He's actually so shy and self-conscious and vulnerably adorable that he makes me almost cry every time he smiles.)
 But Dorothy with balloons is irresistible, too.
 She was saying broon broon, too.
 Her clothes last SO LONG.  The tunic she is wearing was a dress last winter, and her leggings are some she has had since Christmas.  I really enjoy how her clothes can be re-purposed.  Just the addition of a cardigan and some legging and bam!  All her summer clothes are suddenly fall clothes.  And the mileage she is getting out of last year's dresses (they are too cute over skinny jeans) is amazing me.  When boys outgrow their clothes that's it-- the clothes are gone.
 Her rain gear is so cute I wish it rained everyday.
 But not really because the dog is too dumb to not eat my boots the whole time we walk in the rain.  Also, there's the whole WALKING IN THE RAIN part.
 Imagine these almost mother-daughter dresses with matching Minnetonka moccasin booties.  And now imagine our Christmas card.  I have to coordinate the boys, still (including a sweatsuit for Cooper only not a sweatshirt because those are "owie" and "yuck" so maybe a long sleeved t-shirt and track pants?)
Okay, seriously.  I am SO BUSY in every aspect of my life that I should not even be writing this right now, but since I have already posted these content-less pictures, I might as well keep going. You guys, I need some support.  I am getting ready to go on a girls' trip with my favorite internet friends from back in the day in a month.  And by getting ready I mean filling my Xanax prescription (literally.  called my doctor TODAY and got one) and thinking about buying plane tickets because the idea of flying across the country BY MYSELF scares the shit out of me.  Which is why I have procrastinated on the tickets even though we leave in 4 weeks and have had our trip planned for 6 months.  I have sent at least 6 borderline incoherent Facebook messages saying I can't go, but I REALLY WANT TO GO. I am afraid that I am going to buy the tickets (for a million dollars because I waited so long, but that's my damn fault) and then sabotage myself and not get on the plane and somehow blame it all on Ben and freak out big time.  I really don't want to sit at home and miss this great trip, but I cannot visualize myself actually going.  Does that make sense?  I think Amy and Becca and Sarah are tired of hearing me complain and vacillate.  I don't know what I am looking for here.  Support?  A pep talk?  Somebody besides Ben to tell me to quit being such a drama queen snowflake?  I am such a peach.  I bet you want to plan a vacation with me.


  1. Xanax is good. And here's the thing. The flight may suck, but it'll only suck for about 6 hours. Then you 1) get to have an awesome trip and 2) feel crazy proud that you conquered a fear. You can do anything for 6 hours. You had natural births! If you're really worried about freaking out and pulling the emergency exit, maybe book a "practice" flight. A cheap, quick commuter thing just to get it over with before the "real" flight. And have your skills in place. A playlist and good headphones, snack, eye mask (or not), aromatherapy... Whatever makes you feel more at ease. But use them and practice before the flight so your brain is trained to respond to the cues (eg do deep breathing while listening to specific songs, and do it once or twice a day starting now.)

  2. Pep talk!! So, you've flown recently and survived. I feel like flying with the kids should show you that YOU CAN DO THIS!!

    I had to fly solo to see Evan graduate from his AF lawyer school shindig. Totally nervous, but seriously decided to befriend whatever stranger was sitting anywhere near me and planned on dumping all my "I'm flying alone! AAAAAAAHHHHH!" fears on them. Exactly what I did too, and was lucky to have someone who did not curse at me or find me too annoying (or if they did, I was so in my own little world it didn't register).

    But, i really think the drugs will help.

  3. C (above) gives such great advice. Probably that's why it's her job. Seriously, YOU CAN DO THIS. I want to see you! It's going to be great.

  4. You handle life with 4 kids, a dog, and a husband who said that you're not "that fat" - you can do anything!

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