Monday, September 15, 2014

Cooper's party and assorted whining.

Harry lost his special snowflake lunchbox today, and I am irrationally annoyed.  Maybe not irrationally, actually, as he had his previous lunchbox which had LITERALLY 10 different plastic pieces/containers/lids for 3 years and never lost even the tiny dip container's lid.  But he has his new one-piece lunchbox for what? 2 weeks?  And it's gone, never to be seen again. (Probably).  (I think he threw it away).  (Who throws away a freaking lunchbox?)  (A kid with ADHD).

And because I am the catch of all catches, I bit Ben's head off about the whole thing (not Harry's) because I know that he won;t want me to buy a new lunchbox and ice pack and lunchbox carrying case, but I am going to, damnit, because it makes packing lunches fun, and isn't it about me?  ISN'T EVERYTHING ABOUT ME?

It was actually about Cooper this weekend, and I know you have already seen these pictures on Facebook, but HERE THEY ARE AGAIN.

Cooper is a very enthusiastic present opener

 I made a bunch of cookies and frosting and put out bowls of my favorite candy to decorate with.  That's about all of the party planning I did to be honest.

 The grandparents spent the afternoon assembling a giant tractor.
And the kids made cookies and then freaked out from all the sugar (damn you science-- that's a real thing, the sugar freakout).

 The tractor process was intense.
 Mayhem ensued

 Cooper played in the tractor box for a long time.

We planned to barbecue, but then the weather got cold overnight, and out week got insane, so we ordered everything-- meat and cheese tray, veggie tray, pizza, salad, fruit salad, cake.  Such a cop out and one we use quite frequently.

Also, Cooper specifically requested a white cake, and everyone knows that cake should be chocolate.  Sigh.

After the party, we went out with my parents, and I got completely shit hammered on bloody Marys and beer.  My dad insisted he was fine to drive home, but my mom and I walked across the golf course, which was lovely and a little bit sobering.  Not sober?  Every single person in the bar, all of our pool friends only they had clothes on so they were largely unrecognizable.  Especially because I was drunk.

Sunday was an October's bright blue weather day even though it's still the middle of September.  We celebrated by playing outside and park hopping.

And then it was Monday, and our Mondays are just so stereotypically Monday-ish.  3/4 of the kids need to be dressed and out the door early.  All 6 of us have to get up and get dressed and look presentable.  The dog needs a walk and some play time.  All of the little things in the house want to eat.  Last night, I laid out a breakfast assembly line.
It worked OK, but there was too much choice involved with the cereal selection.  Choices are bad for effifciency.  And I did have time for a workout, a shower, and some time with my makeup chisels, but I left the house a raptured-up-during-breakfast kind of disaster.    Can't win em all.


  1. My god I would love it if my kids would eat cereal instead of bagels. A four slot toaster would make my life at least 50% easier.

    A neighborhood bar is GENIUS. I'll have to write to my HOA.

  2. I HATE losing things so I totally feel your pain on the lunchbox! I like your assembly line but agree, on busy mornings-no choices. That's when we do PB&J (with a thorough antialleergy scrub after) or TJs toaster waffles.

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    harry has ADHD ?My daughter has it and she is completely disorganized to the point that she cant even dress her self ...dreamy and forgetful ADD ..
    can you elaborate if you can

  4. I want to follow you on Facebook! Long time reader. Love your commentary and photos. Nicole McKillip Larkin if you are fb ok :)