Monday, June 16, 2014

Harry is 8?! How can it BE?

Obviously, this picture has nothing to do with Harry's birthday weekend, but it's just so cute. And gross because that's Cooper's pacifier.

Also this is not related to the rest of the weekend but again.  Cute.
OK.  Seriously.  Let's talk about Harry's birthday weekend because he turned 8-- 8!!!-- on Saturday.  Friday was the first day of summer break AND his friend party at an awesome sports complex near us that throws great parties.  Pizza.  Cake.  A coach to play your choice of games with the kids-- we picked hockey, soccer, and football-- a decorated party room where the coach supervises present-opening and writes down who gave what gift, AND a playscape for the babies set up right next to the bar.  THE BAR.

Jack did not let his broken wrist slow him down playing football (**shudder**)
the coach was mesmerizing, apparently
He;s blurry in most of the pictures

The cake was from Costco and was excellent.  When the party coach told us where she got the cake, I made a mental note to get all future cakes there.  Chocolate mousse in the middle.  Just saying.

Whenever Harry scores at any sport, he is super dramatic about it-- so cute!

Ben made fun of me for days because I was so proud of my birthday eve chalking skillz.  In fact, posting this picture is just going to make him mock me for days to come.  BUT I SPENT 4 YEARS IN A SORORITY AND LEARNED PRETTY BUBBLE LETTERS, DAMNIT.

All of Harry's gifts were sports themed.  He is at a cool football camp RIGHT NOW even.

Birthday morning breakfast donut
Cooper blew out all Harry's candles.  Harry was an excellent sport.  8 is not petty, apparently.
Birthday park stop.  Normally, Harry steers clear of baby toys, but this motorcycle clearly has an 8.
We take up a whole park's worth of swings!
Our parents all came over and we went to the pool where I drank beer instead of taking pictures.  Then we came home and played and opened more presents and grilled out for dinner and ate a Oreo cheesecake.
And took pictures.

Father's Day morning began with a brunch and a big old Bloody Mary for Ben.
And more pictures.
Light saber in his belt loop
Not sure how/why this came to be, but it was cute.  And I cannot get the sidewalk chalk off the butt of Cooper's shorts.

Lost my mitt.  But I can use Jack's because he is also a lefty.
Accidentally dressed me and Dorothy alike.  EVEN THE SHOES.
Cold pool day
Also stormy.  Oops.
SUCH a great weekend.  8 is pretty awesome so far.


  1. Happy Birthday Harry! E turns 8 next week and it seems very, very old :(
    I love the picture of all the kids piled on Ben. Definitely a framer. And you look amazing! I swear you're smaller in each picture.

  2. FUN weekend! Love all the pics. Eight sounds so huge. Can't believe I'll have an eight and six and four year old soon!