Saturday, June 21, 2014

Delicious morning.

Oh, community theater.

Watching Harry's show last night made me so nostalgic for community theater.  Almost every show in town is a musical, but you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to audition for the first non musical I can find.

Jack also loved the play, and Harrison was SO CUTE on the stage.  An adorable experience all around.

And then today we woke up to the wonderful news that the sweet little family farm by our house was FINALLY ready for strawberry picking.

We wasted no time getting over there (actually we didn't leave our house until 10 even though we got up at 7, and we really didn't waste any time-- that's just how long it takes for us to LEAVE).

Cooper loves picking fruit.  It's like a big, outdoor snack.

He was actually a really diligent berry-picker and filled a whole little plastic container.
Harry filled 2.
Look at him go!
I love this picture.  I had no idea she was watching me so intently.
I thought she was mostly just eating.  And she was, but she was picking her own snack.
And foraging our buckets.  Kind of like having a goat along.
Ben and Harry picked the most.
Harry would have won, but he ate as many as he picked.
Cooper spotted the tire swing.
Emphatically eating.
Jack hates strawberries.  So much that he wouldn't even pick them.
But he loves swinging.
And of course everyone needed a turn.

I wanted to take a picture of me with everyone because I have one of me with Harry and Jack at this swing from like 5 years ago.
It was a hard shot to set up
And then was only meh.
But still, a delicious morning.

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