Wednesday, June 04, 2014


We have hit summer's sweet spot.  Ben and I are done with class and neither of us has started teaching our summer classes yet.  Meanwhile, Harry and Jack are still in school, and the pool is open.  After school every day, I take the kids swimming and Ben makes dinner.  Then after dinner, Ben takes Harry to rehearsal for The Music Man (SO CUTE!  At Disney, "The Wells Fargo Wagon" started playing on Main Street USA, and he belted it out), and I take the other 3 back to the pool until bedtime.  Perfection.

And you know something?  I think it is only going to get better when the kids are out of school and we slide into our routine of swim lessons in the morning, nap time, pool all afternoon, and more pool before bed.  When it rains we will go to the movies. What's not to like?  And no more lunches to pack until September.

My summer class is online, so I might get a leg tan line from holding my laptop at the pool while I grade, but other than that, it should be fun and flexible,  I spent all fall designing the course, and I cannot wait to see how it turns out.  Ben teaches a live class one morning a week (A WHOLE MORNING ON MY OWN WITH MY OWN CHILDREN WOE IS ME), and the rest of his summer is online, too.

You can expect a lot more pictures like this is what I am saying:

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