Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birthday + Mothers Day = Awesome X 2

The best thing about this picture of this morning's lovely breakfast cake is last night's beer bottle, no?

Fighting over who could give me my cards

Admiring Harry's flower pot and about to open Jack's masterpiece

Necklace from Jack, who has asked to be called artist Jack

They were SO EXCITED to see me open my gifts

Fancy sunglasses that will be no match for Coop
Harry is an excellent little gift, but anything that comes from a box that big from THAT store isn't half bad either.
Just wanted to eat papaer

All my fancy stuff


Jack was methodical-- first a plate of breakfast, then a plate of lunch.  Then eleventy billion desserts.  And he had sheep chicken.

Mimosa!  And really bad posture.
I gave my fancy bag its own chair.

nom nom nom

We had way more fun than anticipated

The fam

Frolicking at the capitol

Harry won the race!


After a sommersault

Love the hair

Oops-- back to brunch.  Cooper loves cups

Harry loves parfaits

34 is lovely so far.


  1. What a perfect day!! I love brunch buffets so very much. And also big boxes from fancy stores. You've got some good boys!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the bag!

  3. Great gifts! I love going out to a restaurant on mother's day because the deal is I don't have to to deal with anyone's table nonsense -- Josh has to handle it all while I enjoy myself.

  4. So many great pictures!!! Harry looks like a grown up man, Sarah. WHAT is that about?! So glad you had a great day!