Monday, May 28, 2012

The new pool has salads on the menu, but I think I'll just have half a rum slushie for lunch

Rum slushies (and bloody marys and beer) on the menu?  A water slide?  Walking distance from my house?  Is the new pool we joined a dream come true or what? Even though one kid (not the baby) threw a massive tantrum and had to be carried barefoot to the car and another kid shit his pants (again, NOT THE BABY) and I am fatter than I have ever been not pregnant, today's first pool day of the season was awesome.  Mostly because of the rum slushie.  I only drank half for weight reasons and also because midway through my drink (which I sipped while Harry enjoyed his favorite lunch food, hot ham and cheese), I thought, "OMG, I should go down the water slide."  That's when I knew it was time to chuck my plastic cup.  Oh!  About that?  The snack bar also has little kid slushies without rum that are served in the exact same cups.  Dangerous, if you ask me.

Cooper can crawl!  It's super adorable, but it also caused us to finally babyproof everything last night.  Today, Cooper was thrilled to have the run of the house.  He also LOVED the pool-- a total water baby.

Who falls down a lot

And can stand! 

Cooper HATES the vacuum.  He doesn't cry, but he clenches his hands and feet and looks tough

Total fight or flight

Could he BE anymore nosy?

Loves scrambled egg yolk

Really loves them

Babyproofing! We gated the toy room

And that's where Harry and Jack's chokey toys are

Lots of things for Cooper to choke on

Then we dug out a bunch of Little People stuff and filled the shelves in the family room

We figured since it already looks like a daycare center in the basement, we might as well add some shelves and bins of baby toys in the family room, too.  Cooper was seriously thrilled to pay with all this crap today.

Harry on the water slide!
Such a silly little outfit00 he picked it out himself

So did he

Jack sang out at the picnic on his last day of preschool.  We're going to miss his sweet little school, but it will be even sweeter to walk both kids across the street next fall.  No more cross town shuffle in the morning.  But also no more fancy schmancy music classes.


  1. I would have had three rum slushies AND gone down the slide. But that's just me.

  2. Oh man, you'll have two in real school in the fall? So jealous!

    And yeah, go down the slide!!

    Cooper looks like a little kid suddenly!

  3. Your boys are adorable! And rum slushies sound AWESOME.

  4. Tripod6:24 AM

    I like Cooper's clenched feet at the vacuum!