Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My hair is having a moment, and it's about damn time.

 I have waited 34 years for messy, slightly frizzy, totally unevenly curled waves to be in style, and now that they are, I am milking it, baby. I don't even brush my hair anymore. I just take a shower at night and comb it out. I wake up in the morning with tousled bedhead waves and ridiculous bangs. I spend 3 seconds flat ironing my bangs, and that's it. Yesterday, I braided two small sections and joined them in the back with a clip and left the rest crazy, and today I have a super messy chignon with pieces escaping. Hair in less than 2 minutes, and it looks just like the adorable undergrads or (sort of if you squint) the pages of Glamour (which, OMFG, I am way too old to read). So, that's good.

 Not good? I just now two seconds ago spilled a bag of grape water (from the grapes I brought for my mid-class snack) in the bottom of my new Louis Vuitton bag. I think it's fine-- no leakage through to the actual bag, but a big stain on the liner. Cross your fingers that it dries. Also, that's why I should not have nice things.

 Also not good? I had total insomnia from 2:53-4:40 last night, and then Cooper woke up at 5:31. I blame a NYT magazine article on Ina May Gaskin and homebirth that I stayed up way too late reading, finished reading at Cooper's 2:53 feeding, and could not stop thinking about. You can read it here.

 And now, apropos of nothing, random iPhone pics. You're welcome.

 Jack being super bossy on our walk to the park (he pushed a random teddy bear and a Star Wars guy in this stroller)

But guys, if I go in the water with you, what do I do with my drink?

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