Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The thing that freaks me out the MOST about my postpartum body is my total lack of core muscles. My problem area has never ever been my stomach, but these days, I have a definite pooch that, in my Nike running shorts, looks like a flabby ring.

We have joined a new pool, and swimsuit season is right around the corner, and Ben and I ate my entire birthday cake by ourselves because the kids didn't like it.
8 years ago, my parents got me an iPod Mini (pink!) for my birthday, and I LOVED it.  My grad school BFF got one (aqua) at the same time for her MA graduation, and she named it Sea Sparkle.  Apple always asks you to name your device the first time you plug it in, and mine are always named Sarah's ipad/pod/phone, etc.  I decided to creatively name the pink Nano my parents got me this year.  I wanted to call it Well, aren't you snazzy? but I forgot the ? and spelled snazzy wrong.  Should have stuck with Sarah's Nano.

No matter the name, I am in love with the Nike+ feature and have been using it to time workouts, which are PATHETIC.  Because I have no muscles.

Jack spent the whole day being terrible-- he dumped an entire water bottle into 3 cupholders in the back of van today because he wanted to make a pool.  Over my vehement objections, he went down the hall to "check on Cooper" and woke him up 15 minutes into his nap.  He ran over my foot 3 times with the Target cart and then climbed up on the check out stand and jumped off of it screaming that he could fly.  He screamed "Hello sucker!"at a woman's open window in the parking lot.

Then he does stuff like this

Cooper.  WTF, buddy?


  1. "hello sucker"!!! that.is.awesome! Although I'm sure it is endlessly tiring, your family is also endlessly hysterical :) loved this post!

  2. OMG, "Hello sucker!" Is AWESOME. Sorry about the bad behavior day. "I can fly" is pretty funny too.

    I want some cake now.

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    It seems Jack is more like Jon than Ben..remembering your brother's antics...Bomma

  4. LOL at the "Hello sucker!" I don't know how you keep up with them.

  5. I'm almost positive that Dana's sea foam green beach cruiser is named Sea Sparkle.

  6. Julie9:00 PM

    Absolutely priceless!!!

  7. "Hello sucker!!!!" IS AWESOME!!!

    I just got a little tiny nano shuffle. for the exercising. of which I am doing none. Ooops.