Tuesday, May 01, 2012


More than just today's date, Mayday was the distress call I was about to sound, but luckily, April ended just in the nick of time.  April.  Academia's cruelest month for sure.  Not only are there final exams to write (two of them for me and a lot sooner than I thought since I am fuzzy with math and they seemed a lot farther away in the 20s of April than they do in May), not only are there semester papers to grade, not only are students clamoring to meet with you about their final projects, but also every committee and advisory board you sit on has to squeeze in one more meeting before the semester ends, even if no one has a pressing issue to address.  OMG.  Add in a teething baby who hates sleeping all of the sudden, the crushing realization that these extra 20 pounds are not going to melt away by magic while I eat a bag of Pepperidge Farm snickerdoodles, and some house upheaval, and I have a huge zit between my eyebrows that's been hanging out on my face since tax day. So! Pretty!
Harry would really like a loose tooth, FYI.

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  1. Ugh, I hear ya! May 5 is like eight weeks after April 23, right?