Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy 4th!

I know I haven't blogged in awhile when Ben asks me if I am still doing that blogging thing. Yes. Sort of. See, summer school is almost over. I have been doing a couple of projects on the side. Ben and I still don't have a cleaning routine for this house which means we are just sort of always cleaning everything.

Lots of stuff happened since last week.

A freaking adorable preschool 4th of July parade.

We go to the park at least once a day.

My family came in to celebrate the 4th. My dad christened our new cream walls and light basement carpet by gesticulating wildly and knocking a glass of red wine all over the wall and floor. Jon is really good at blotting carpet stains, and it turns out that 1/3 cup bleach mixed with 1/3 cup water takes wine right off the walls.

Our neighborhood hosted a bike parade (which we missed despite living across the street from the lineup spot) and picnic. With face painting.

Pops on the driveway. Note in the background that all of our grass died. The landscaper says our soil is moldy and they're going to reseed. Which means we'll have the annoying sprinklers that seem to burst on the minute we open a window, step onto the patio, or exit a car in the driveway for a little bit longer.

Right now, this is what we see out the living room window, but I bet it will be rows of houses before we know it.

Last day of summer school tomorrow! And then I won't see the inside of a classroom until January.

32 weeks pregnant on Saturday and large.

About to go devour some Oreos.


  1. Yay maternity leave!! So excited you're almost there.

  2. I can't believe you're 32 weeks already!!! Yay!